Meet Nemain

Just your typical shifter with a smart mouth and a dark secret...
Fantasy Romance

Lost Legacies

“Our party consists of a fae princess, a vampire who can walk in the sun, a shifter with weird-looking magic, an asshole grimalkin, and whatever the fuck Eddie is.”

"Grey cultivates rich, character-driven lore that teems with dark drama, lust, secrets, and betrayal, prudently exposing the cast’s eccentricity, each bound by tenuous relationships with each other and all carrying a grudge or a secret—or both. Grey’s gritty characters—and their bruised and broken souls—will resonate, and the dark depths that pervade this debut’s complicated mythology will keep readers enthralled and longing for more."

-Publisher's Weekly Book Life

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Lunaria Realms Fae Castle
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Fall into this spicy romantasy in a world full of monsters...