Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you complete your purchase you'll receive two emails. A receipt confirming your order and an email from BookFunnel with your digital purchase.

The email from BookFunnel will include a download link. You can then read or listen to the book from the BookFunnel app, web browser, or preferred app.

Currently we can ship to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

Some merchandise is only available in some countries due to tax regulations.

We do our best to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, but we are based out of the US and there is only so much we can do unfortunately. If you live somewhere that we don't currently sell/ship to, please reach out through the contact form and we can look into adding your country!

Generally... no. Between digital downloads that are instantly delivered and the challenges of using print-on-demand services for merchandise, it's not feasibly possible to offer returns.

Greymalkin Press is a small business, currently consisting of literally one person. No matter how much Maddox talks to themself, they still only count as one person.

All that said, if you receive something that is damaged, please reach out and we'll see what we can do.

If you have more specific questions like reading order or content warnings. Please check out the author websites.

Maddox Grey - Lost Legacies

Alex Frost - Lunaria Realms