A Shift in Darkness
A Shift in Darkness
A Shift in Darkness
A Shift in Darkness
A Shift in Darkness
A Shift in Darkness

A Shift in Darkness

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Lost Legacies ~ Book .5

Before she was captured. Before she was saved. Nemain went looking for magic… and found monsters instead.

This fast-paced prequel novella takes place directly before the events of A Shift in Shadows. It's a great introduction to Nemain and you'll get a little more of her backstory before starting the series. It's best to read this novella either directly before or after A Shift in Shadows.
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    Nemain has been hunting the merciless warlock Sebastian for decades. As a centuries-old feline shapeshifter, she is well acquainted with hunting dangerous supernaturals. But Sebastian knows her well, and he is always one step ahead. She will not give up, not after what he did… but her magic is spent, and it’s taking a disastrous toll.

    Her friends take matters into their own hands and arrange an easy job for her, escorting the magic-barren Kalari back to their home realm on a quest to find their lost magic. It would be the break Nemain desperately needs, even if it isn’t exactly her idea of a good time. To further tempt her to take the job, Nemain’s friend sweetens the deal – take the job and they’ll give her a promising lead on Sebastian’s whereabouts when she returns.

    But the realm that had been decimated by volcanic activity isn’t the empty wasteland Nemain was told it was. Something still lurks there. Something monstrous… and hungry.

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    Chapter 1

    There’s nothing quite like hunting during a full moon. I had been alive for centuries and had hunted all kinds of things in all kinds of realms. But the exhilaration of finding my prey under the light of the moon never got old. My brother and I had been born in the human realm, but our parents had been born in the feline shifter realm, Kanima. They’d told us bedtime stories of hunting across the vast open plains or stalking through the dense rainforests. My current hunt wasn’t taking place in a location anything like what my parents had hunted in, but it was thrilling nonetheless.

    The night was clear and the moon lit our way as we silently moved through empty backyards. It was well past midnight and all the humans were tucked away in their homes, built at the city’s edge. I leapt over a tall brick fence and paused to take in my surroundings. Jinx landed on silent paws at my side.

    “This is it,” I said quietly and crept forward across the yard until I stood in front of a solid concrete wall. “The house we want is on the other side. Do you sense anything?”

    I was good at sensing magic when it was in use, but I sometimes missed more subtle spells and wards unless I let my magic out to snoop around. Jinx stalked over to the pale concrete wall and sniffed it, then tentatively tapped it with a paw. He backed up a few steps, muscles bunching together, and then leapt upwards. He started the leap as an average sized black domestic house cat and ended it as a hundred pound sleek feline perched on the top of the wall.

    There is a ward directly on the other side. It’s not designed to keep anyone out, just to alert its creator if anyone crosses it. His voice rumbled through my mind.
    “Well, at least we know we found the house with the warlocks.” I took a few steps back and then sprinted, jumping up at the last second. My fingers caught the top of the wall and I grunted as my body slammed into the concrete, then pulled myself up to crouch beside Jinx.
    Smooth, Jinx said with a raspy laugh.

    Shut it. I pushed the thought at him. I didn’t want to risk jumping too far and crossing the ward. I scanned the area. The house was dark and no lights were on in the backyard which was mostly open. Like most of the yards we’d passed, this one consisted of several winding pathways that weaved through meticulously trimmed shrubs and elaborate rock structures. We would be easy to spot anywhere in the garden, not that it mattered. They’d know we were here as soon as we crossed the ward.

    Plan? Jinx asked.

    I pulled a throwing dagger from the sheath on my thigh and palmed it in my right hand. Let’s go say hello. A wild grin spread across my face as I leapt down. A slight tingle ran across my skin as I crossed the ward. Jinx followed a second later. We didn’t bother with stealth and stalked up the center of the garden towards the house. Halfway there, floodlights flipped on and I heard movement from within the house. I stopped and drew in a breath, letting the scents linger above my tongue. Disappointment flickered through me. He wasn’t here.

    Damn it.

    Two human men opened the sliding door of the house and walked into the yard. Their arrogant expressions gave them away as warlocks as much as their magic. The taller of the two looked at me and then at Jinx, a sneer spreading across his face. “I don’t know who you are, but you and your fae companion picked the wrong house to intrude upon.”

    “We’re just out for a neighborhood stroll,” I said smoothly. “Hoping to meet up with a colleague of yours, actually. You wouldn’t happen to know where Sebastian is now, would you?”

    “Sebastian?” He glanced at his companion, who grimaced at the name, but shook his head. He focused on me once more, and then his eyes lit up in recognition. “You’re that shifter he’s so obsessed with. Heard what he did to that mermaid lover of yours. Nasty business.” He grinned at me.

    I went still at his words. The rage I carried with me always threatened to break the bonds I kept around myself. The chains I needed to make sure I stayed in control. Stayed alive. The warlock’s grin grew wider, realizing he struck a nerve. Something deep within me rumbled.

    Nemain, Jinx said in warning.

    I drew in a deep breath. These warlocks would die tonight, but they’d answer my question first. I just needed to control myself for another minute then I’d make him regret his words. And that goddamn grin.

    “I’m going to ask you one more time,” I said coldly, gripping my dagger tighter. “Do you know where Sebastian is?”

    “Even if I knew where he was, I wouldn’t tell you,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t know what’s got him all hot and bothered for you, which makes me curious to find out. And I’ve always been one to indulge my curiosity.” He gave me a lecherous smile as he gestured at the other warlock. They quickly moved apart from each other, their magic rising. “I suggest you and the grimalkin surrender yourselves to us peacefully, otherwise this is going to get ugly real fast. And don’t bother screaming for help. That ward you crossed through blocks all sound from getting out. No one will hear your scream.”

    “Oh,” I drawled. “It wasn’t my screams I was worried about. But thanks for letting me know I don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors.”

    I let the dagger fly as Jinx, and I unleashed ourselves on them. The warlock was true to his word about the ward, nobody heard their screams.

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