A Shift in Wings Lost Legacies Romantic Fantasy
A Shift in Wings Lost Legacies Romantic Fantasy
A Shift in Wings Lost Legacies Romantic Fantasy
A Shift in Wings [EBOOK]

A Shift in Wings [EBOOK]

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Lost Legacies - Book 5

War. Betrayal. Exile.

Being an immortal valkyrie isn't all it's cracked up to be. Which is why Sigrun was perfectly happy (okay maybe not happy) to hide out in a realm in her little cottage with her furry companions. But Nemain had other ideas which is why the valkyrie now finds herself sulking around the seraphim realm with a fae warrior who is equal parts hot and annoying.

She probably shouldn't have made that bargain with him...

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War. Betrayal. Exile.

I sacrificed everything to end a war that was tearing my home apart. My reward? Being seen as an abomination in the eyes of the people I’d fought so hard to save.

After centuries of isolation, I find myself thrust back into the chaos of life because my friends need me and I won’t let them down. Another war is brewing, and this one has the potential to destroy all the realms.

But my past isn’t ready to let me go just yet. As I hunt for answers about what the exiled king is plotting in a foreign realm, two complications arise. One an ancient enemy who wants a piece of soul.

And the other… Niall. A fae warrior with a jaded past and dark secrets that rival my own.
To accomplish my task, I’m forced to ally with him. But a fae bargain is never simple. And I can’t help but fear that fate is once again leading me to ruin.

Fall into this steamy love story about second chances told from Sigrun’s POV. This is not a standalone and must be read after A Shift in Ashes.

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“I’m going to enjoy the taste of your blood, valkyrie.”

I sneered, “At least you’ll get to enjoy something before you die.”

My golden wings beat strongly as I hovered in the sky a short distance from the seraph whose brilliant white wings were moving slightly faster than mine because of their smaller size.

He was more agile than me and could maneuver faster over short distances. I could fly longer and in a straight shot would be faster. Thanks to the bloody history between our kinds, we were both well-versed in each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately for the seraph, my weaknesses were few, and he was just a scout which meant he wasn’t particularly skilled in battle.

And unfortunately for me, there was a battalion of very skilled seraphs camped a short distance away, and if I engaged with the scout here, I risked being spotted by them. Great.

“Whenever possible, choose the location of your battle.” That was one of the many lessons I’d been working to instill in Bryn, my apprentice, and the young valkyrie had been eager to soak up my words. I’d do well to listen to my own advice now.

Trickery and underhandedness weren’t exactly tactics valued amongst the valkyrie. But thanks to being an exile and keeping rather nefarious company these days, my methods had expanded beyond my original training. It had bothered me at first, but I found myself caring less and less about using strategies that many would find unbecoming for a valkyrie.

I let my features shift into a mask of haughty arrogance with the same taunting smile I’d seen on Nemain’s face so many times before. “Let’s see how fast you can fly on those pitiful wings, vermin.”

The seraph’s face twisted in rage as he dove for me. But even in this foreign realm, the skies were mine.

My wings beat, fast and true, as I sped away from the scout. I peered over my shoulder to make sure he was following me, instead of doing the smart thing and returning to his unit to report what he had found.

Luckily for me, bloodlust was a common weakness among the seraphim, and this one was no exception. He didn’t hesitate as he raced after me. As if one seraph would ever be a match for a valkyrie.

Further and further we flew. Sometimes I’d slow just enough to give him the false impression that he was actually catching up to me before darting away again. Unfettered joy filled me as I sped past, spinning and diving through the air, wind pulling at my hair.

The sun was almost completely down now, and the forests stretching beneath us were already dark and treacherous.

Sigrun, Viggo whined. I’m bored and hungry. We’re far enough away. Quit toying with him.

Fine, I said reluctantly.

Gunnar enjoyed flying as much as I did, but Viggo found it to be more of a chore. Which, to be fair, it was for him. He didn’t have wings like us and relied solely on his magic to fly, which required a lot of concentration on his part. He also had to maintain a constant state of motion.
Of course, he always had the option to ride on Gunnar’s back, but he was too stubborn most of the time to take that route.

I added, Pick a spot to make camp for the night, and I’ll catch up to you.

Alright. Try not to coat yourself in blood this time. There aren’t any rivers nearby to wash up in.

I whirled around and hovered in place, waiting for the seraph to catch up. My fingers itched to pull the hammer from my back, but I withdrew the dagger from the sheath on my thigh instead.

“Got tired of running?” the seraph taunted when he finally drew near. “Didn’t know the valkyries were such cowards.”

I eyed him where his wings kept him suspended in the air, just out of striking range. It was odd to think that the humans had once worshipped such creatures, thinking them to be messengers of some non-existent god. There were plenty of gods that did exist, sure, but none of them associated with the seraphim. But for some reason, the humans thought the seraphim were divine. Angelic.
The one in front of me had golden-blond hair and bronze skin. His features were strong and masculine, not handsome, but powerful in a way that pulled you in.

Maybe if he was lounging around playing a harp, I could see why the humans had deemed them beautiful. But the twin fangs that jutted out from a mouth that seemed to be fixed in a permanent sneer made him look more monstrous than anything else. The sharp talons at the end of his fingers were still stained in blood.

The seraphim had delighted in hunting humans before they’d been banished from that realm. And instead of celebrating, the humans had mourned the loss like the foolish species they were.

“Actually,” I drawled. “I just wanted to make sure we were far enough away from your friends that they wouldn’t be able to rescue you.”

“I will tear you to shreds and feast on your flesh,” he hissed before his wings snapped, propelling him forward.
I twisted in the air, letting his talons breeze by me while I jammed my dagger into his back, right at the base of his left wing. A pained snarl ripped out of him as he spun, attempting to tear out my throat with his claws. But his wing faltered, making his movement clumsy, and I easily dodged his attack.

“I saw you the other day,” I said lightly, eyes narrowing.
He struck at me again, still fixated on my throat, but I ducked my head so that his hit went high and wide over my shoulder.

My dagger struck again, this time opening a jagged gash down his chest. “You grabbed one of the human slaves and pulled them into the sky.”

“So what?” He laughed. “Does the valkyrie feel bad for the humans?”

“I don’t really give a shit about humans.”

Not entirely true. I bore them no ill will and just kind of accepted that they were there. And did idiotic things like worship the monsters that hunted them down.

But not the ones in this realm. They held no false beliefs around the seraphim. I’d been too far away to save the one yesterday, but I could avenge him today.

“But that doesn’t mean they deserve to die cruelly.”

“They are beneath us,” he spat, baring his fangs. “They exist only to serve. Or be a meal.”

A flicker of rage broke through my calm battle state, and the hammer on my back instantly seized on it. My grip tightened around my dagger as I drew in a breath to settle the anger.

“Never allow strong emotions to dictate your actions. You cannot deny what you feel, but acknowledge the feelings and then put them aside.”

That was a lesson that Bryn handled quite well. Despite her young age, Bryn was always the calm in the storm.
We continued dancing around in the air, the seraph growing sloppier with each attack. He had to be leaking blood from at least a dozen deep cuts, and his wing was close to failing completely.

My playtime was coming to an end. Pity.

This time when the seraph tried to strike at my side, below the ribs, I grabbed his arm and twisted. Hard. He screamed as tendons ripped and bones snapped.

Before he could recover, I struck at his back, severing the tendons completely to one of his wings and wrapping my arms around him like a lover, his back to my chest. His one good arm clung to mine, his talons sinking into my flesh as I kept us both in the air.

“What do you think that human thought when you flew them far above the earth and let them fall?” I whispered into his ear. “Do you think you’ll have similar thoughts?”
I shoved him away from me and watched as he futilely tried to beat his wings.

With one so badly damaged, he quickly lost altitude and went into a fast spin. The other wing snapped from the pressure of trying to stop his fall, and a howl of agony filled the sky.

Good thing I had led us so far from the seraphim camp, I thought with a smirk.

I dove towards the falling angel, lazily circling around him as his descent continued, only pulling up when he was close to hitting the ground.

Viggo was right. We weren’t near any rivers or lakes, and I didn’t want to get caught in the splatter of blood and gore from him hitting the ground.

His scream was cut off with a loud thud, punctuated by multiples bones snapping.

“I hope you find more peace than you ever found in life, human,” I offered up the prayer. “And I hope the souls of Hel torment you a little longer, seraph.”

It would be days before the scout was missed, and even then, I doubted they would send anyone out to look for him. The seraphim regularly fought with each other. A scout was a low rank. His superior would just assume he’d pissed off the wrong seraph and move on.

I glanced at my arm, seeing the gouges left behind from his talons had already stopped bleeding. Another hour and they’d be gone completely.

I twisted my head around, cracking the joints and releasing a little tension. This side endeavor with the scout wasn’t entirely responsible of me since I needed to remain unseen to finish my mission. But when I’d seen him fly off from the campsite, I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity.

A valkyrie could only go so long without a good fight.
And if that fight ended in the death of a mortal enemy? Even better.

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Rachel Bunner

I loved this little Sigrun novella! I feel like I know this character (and others) so much better now, and it’s getting me even more excited for the next installment of the series.

What I liked
✨the reveals about Sigrun’s background and a deeper look into her personality
✨super quick read
✨Norse mythology
✨found family
✨made me love a lot of the side characters more
✨a headboard moment 👀
✨the ending got me even more excited about the next book!

Another awesome POV!

I love this series so much! It was fun to see the POV of Sigrun, a 2,000+ year old Valkyrie. Her journey is a part of the overall conflict of the series, but the growth and depth we get is refreshing. I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out!!